HE Anjuman-e-Burhani, Seattle Appeal

Redmond Hearing Examiner

File No. LAND-2013-00171

Appeal of the denial of an extension for the Site Plan Entitlement application

October 19, 2016, 10:00 a.m., Council Chambers

Documents and Orders

1. Appeal Application Form

2. Hearing Examiner's Order Setting Hearing and Pre-Hearing Document  Exchange Schedule

3. Hearing Examiner's Order Granting Continuance for Settlement Purposes

Appellant Documents

1. Witness and Exhibit Lists
2. Memorandum of Understanding
3. Prep Flow Chart and Timeline
4. March 7, 2016 Letter re Additional Information
5. August 24, 2012 Letter
6. Staff Approval for Scheduling Formal Application

City Documents

1. Witness and Exhibit Lists
2. SEPA CAO Worksheet
3. SEPA Application
4. Project Contact Form Provided by Applicant Team
5. E-mail to Applicant/Owner Denying Extension Request
6. E-mail to Donn Stone Regarding Incomplete Submittal
7. E-mail from Min to Staff Stating that the Applicant’s Team Contacted Her in Response to the Additional Info Letter in March 2016
8. E-mail from Staff to Applicant Team Members Alerting them to Resubmittal Deadlines and Proactive Actions that Should be Taken
9. E-mail: Same as Above to Internal Staff for File
10. E-mail from Staff to Applicant Team Alerting them to the Resubmittal Deadline a Second Time
11. E-mail from the Applicant/ Owner Requesting Extension
12. E-mail from Donn Stone Explaining Internal Issues with Completing the Work and Requesting an Extension on Behalf of the Owner/Applicant

Planning Department Report
EXHIBIT A: SEPA Application
EXHIBIT C: E-mail from Applicant Team Requesting Extension
EXHIBIT D: E-mail from Organization Team Requesting Extension
EXHIBIT E: E-mail by Min regarding Additional Information Letter
EXHIBIT F: E-mail from Staff to File of Detailed Reminder to Applicant
EXHIBIT G: E-mail from Staff to Applicant Regarding Deadline 1
EXHIBIT H: E-mail from Staff to Applicant Regarding Deadline 2
EXHIBIT I: Project Contact Form
EXHIBIT J: City’s Response to Extension Request
EXHIBIT K: E-mail to Applicant Notifying of Submittal Requirements
EXHIBIT L: Notice of Appeal Hearing