City Resolutions 2004


  Date Adopted   Description
1198   12/07/2004   Adopting the Redmond Hazard Mitigation Plan
1197   12/07/2004   Setting a Public Hearing Upon a Petition for Vacation of a Certain Right-of-Way Within the City of Redmond, Washington (L040099)
1196   11/16/2004   Resolving to Adjust the Boundary Line Between the City of Redmond and the City of Bellevue, Pursuant to RCW 35.13.340, et seq, a Portion of Lot 232505-9061 Located on the Southern Edge of the Microsoft Campus Immediately North of NE 28th Street
1195   09/28/2004   Approving a Development Agreement for the Washington Cathedral Property Located at 12300 Redmond-Woodinville Road
1194   09/21/2004   Supporting Lake Washington Technical College's Proposal to Pilot the Offering of a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Technology
1193   09/07/2004   Relating to Finances, Voiding Certain Outstanding Non-Interest Bearing Warrants and Checks
1192   07/20/2004   Adopting Aa Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program for the Years 2005-2010 and Directing the Same to be Filed With the State Secretary of Transportation and the Transportation Improvement Board
1191   07/06/2004   Amending the Fee Schedule for Building and Construction Permits Adopted by Resolution No. 1189 in Order to Retain Certain Fees for Such Permits
1190   06/15/2004   Amending the Fire Department Fee Schedule Originally Adopted by Resolution No. 1073 and as Previously Amended in Order to Revise the Amount of Certain Fees and to Add Certain Other Fees


  06/15/2004   Amending the Planning Department Fee Schedule in Order to Add Fees for Building Permits Effective July 1, 2004
1188   06/15/2004   Supporting the Proposed Downtown Transit Center Design Concept and Requesting Sound Transit to Transfer Funds from the Willows Road Transit Project to the Downtown Transit Center
1187   06/01/2004   Approving the 2004 Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PRO) Plan
1186   06/01/2004   Authorizing Application for Funding Assistance for a Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program (WWRP) Project to the Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation (IAC) as Provided in Chapter 79A.15 RCW, Acquisition of Habitat Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Lands
1185   05/18/2004   Ratifying the 2003 Amendment to the King County Countywide Planning Policies
1184   04/20/2004   Appointing Councilmember John Marchione to Act as the City's Representative on the Cascade Water Alliance Board of Directors, and Appointing Mayor Rosemarie Ives as the City's Alternate Representative
1183   03/02/2004   Approving a Second Amendment to a Development Agreement for Phase III of the Safeco Redmond Campus at the Southwest Corner of 156th Avenue NE and NE 51st Street
1182   03/02/2004   Re-Enacting the Military Leave Benefits Program Established by Resolution No. 1143 and Previously Re-Enacted by Resolution No. 1167; and Adding a New Section 8.30 to the City of Redmond Personnel Manual in Order to Provide for the Payment of Certain Compensation and Benefits to City Employees Who Are Involuntarily Called to Military Service for a Period of Up to One Year
1181   03/02/2004   Amending the Parks and Recreation Department User Fee Schedule Adopted by Resolution No. 1072 and Previously Amended by Resolution No. 1140
1180   01/20/2004   Supporting Legislative Action to Prohibit Smoking in Public Places