City Resolutions 2005


  Date Adopted   Description


  12/06/2005   Adjusting the Boundary Line between the City of Redmond and the City of Bellevue, Pursuant to RCW 35.10.217, Et Seq., a Portion of Lot 1 of Lot Line Revision, LLR 95-O10, Belonging to Microsoft Corporation and Located on the Southernmost Portion of its Redmond Campus
1217   11/15/2005   Adopting the Transportation Master Plan as a Functional Plan Intended to Implement the Transportation Element of the City's Comprehensive Plan
1216   11/15/2005   Establishing the Implementation and Community Indicators Program
1215   10/18/2005   In Support of the City Being Designated a "Preserve America" Community
1214   10/18/2005   Amending the User Fee Schedule for Development Services User Fees for Planning/Entitlement, Effective March 1, 2006
1213   10/18/2005   Establishing New Connection Charge Rates and Repealing Resolution No. 1159
1212   10/04/2005   Amending the User Fee Schedule for Development Services User Fees for Building, Fire, Public Works, Water/Wastewater and Stormwater,  Effective March 1, 2006
1211   10/04/2005   Opposing State Initiative 912 at the November 8, 2005, Ballot, Which Would Repeal ESSB 6103, Adopted by the Washington State Legislature to Increase the Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax  by 9.5 Cents Over Four  Years
1210   10/04/2005   Taking a Position in Support of Initiative 901, Prohibiting Smoking in Buildings and Vehicles Open to the Public and Places of Employment, Including Areas Within 25 Feet of Doorways and Ventilation Openings Unless a Lesser Distance is Approved
1209   09/20/2005   Relating to Finances, Voiding Certain Outstanding Non-Interest Bearing Warrants and Checks
1208   07/19/2005   Adopting a Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program for the Years 2006-2011 and Directing the Same to be Filed with the State Secretary of Transportation and the Transportation Improvement Board
1207   07/19/2005   Adopting the National Incident Management System (NIMS)
1206   07/05/2005   Approving a Development Agreement Between the City and (Legacy Partners) for Development of the Redmond River Park Project at the Southwest Corner of Redmond Way and 159 Avenue NE
1205   07/05/2005   Ratifying the Water Resource Inventory Area (WRIA 8) Chinook Salmon Conservation Plan
1204   05/17/2005   Approving a Development Agreement for the Microsoft Campus Located in Redmond
1203   05/17/2005   Amending the Planning Department User Fee Schedule Adopted by Resolution No. 1189; Deleting the Fee for "Public Project - Alteration of Wildlife Habitat" in Order to Reflect the Deletion of this Permit Type by the Critical Areas Ordinance Update; Modifying the Fee for "Sensitive Areas Ordinance Exception Streets/Utilities" in Order to Reflect the Change of the Permit Associated with Such Fee from a Type V Permit to a Type II Permit; Creating a New Permit Fee for the New Permit, "Critical Areas Ordinance Reasonable Use - Public Project," Created by the Critical Areas Ordinance Update; Providing that All Such Fees Shall be Subject to a Technology Surcharge and to Periodic Increases as Provided in Ordinance No. 2090, Resolution No. 1162, and Resolution No. 1189
1202   04/19/2005   Ratifying the 2004 Amendments to the King County Countywide Planning Policies
1201   04/05/2005   Amending the Parks and Recreation Department User Fee Schedule Adopted by Resolution No. 1072 and Previously Amended by Resolutions Nos. 1140 and 1181
1200   02/01/2005   Establishing Rates and Charges for Water to be Wheeled to Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District
1199   01/18/2005   Establishing the Amount of the Water and Sewer Stub Charges for The Union Hill Road Widening Project