City Resolutions 2008


  Date Adopted   Description


  12/16/2008   Amending the Self-Insured Employee Health Benefits Plan by Adopting a Health Promotion Program and Increasing Preventative Benefits for Eligible Employees Electing to Participate
1284   12/02/2008   Commending the Budget Team of the City and All Those Involved in the Development of the 2009 / 2010 Budget
1283   12/02/2008   Increasing Rates and Charges for Water to be Wheeled to Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District
1282   11/18/2008   Expressing the City Council's Intent to Adopt Plan-Based Transportation Concurrency Regulations Following Updates to the Comprehensive Plan
1281   10/21/2008   Amending the Fire Department Fee Schedule, Reducing the Fees for Operational Permits for Places of Assembly, and Removing the $10,000 Annual Limit on Fees for a Single Business with Multiple Facilities
1280   10/07/2008   Declaring an Emergency, Waiving Competitive Bidding Requirements for the Raising of Water Valve Boxes and Manhole Frames and Covers in Cedar Park Crescent NE and Redmond Ridge Drive NE, and Authorizing the Mayor to Execute a Contract to Perform the Work
1279   10/07/2008   Opposing Initiative Measure 985 Concerning Transportation
1278   10/07/2008   Supporting Sound Transit (a Regional Transit Authority) Proposition No.1 Mass Transit Expansion
1277   10/07/2008   Adopting a Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program for the Years 2009-2014 and Directing the Same to be Filed with the State Secretary of Transportation and the Transportation Improvement Board
1276   10/07/2008   Relating to Finances, Voiding Certain Outstanding Non-Interest Bearing Checks
1275   10/07/2008   Ratifying the 2008 Amendments to the King County Countywide Planning Policies
1274   08/19/2008   Amending the Mechanical Permit Portion of the Planning Department Fee Schedule in order to Eliminate the Requirement to Pay a Base Permit Fee for the Replacement of a Gas Water Heater in Residential and Multi-Family Remodels, Alterations and Additions
1273   07/15/2008   Declaring Intent that Certain Capital Expenditures To Be Made Shall Be Reimbursed from the Proceeds of Tax Exempt Bonds or Other Obligations.
1272   06/17/2008   Establishing New Connection Charge Rates and Repealing Resolution No. 1213
1271   06/17/2008   Declaring an Emergency, Waiving Competitive Bidding Requirements for Repairs to Fire Station No. 13, and Authorizing the Mayor or His Designee to Negotiate and Execute Contracts to Perform the Repairs
1270   04/07/2009   Strongly Recommending the 152nd Avenue NE Alignment Alternative as Critical to Achieving the Vision for Overlake Village and Supporting the Remainder of the Alignment through Redmond and Bellevue; and the General Stop/Station Locations for the Proposed Metro Transit Bellevue-Redmond Rapidride Service Funded Through the Transit Now Initiative
1269   04/15/2008   Authorizing Application(s) for Funding Assistance for a Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program Project(s) to the Recreation and Conservation Office as provided in Chapter 791.15 RCW, Acquisition of Habitat and Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Lands
1268   02/05/2008   Appointing Councilmember Nancy McCormick as the City's Alternate Board Member to Cascade Water Alliance
1267   01/15/2008   Amending the Parks And Recreation Department User Fee Schedule