City Resolutions 2009



Date Adopted

1317   12/15/2009   Selecting a Site for Redmond's Downtown Central Park
1316   12/15/2009   Expressing Redmond's Intent to Proceed with Annexation of the Defined Smaller Area Identified on the Direct Petition for the Annexation of NE Rose Hill
1315   12/15/2009   Adopting the Comprehensive Flood Hazard Management Plan
1314   12/15/2009   Adopting the City of Redmond Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) Update for 2009-2014, as Approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
1313   12/01/2009   Directing the Mayor to Negotiate the Acquisition of the Redmond Portion of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railroad Right-of-Way
1312   12/01/2009   Establishing a Finding of Substantial Need to Increase the Regular 2010 Property Tax Levy by up to 1 Percent, as Allowed by Law
1311   12/01/2009   Modifying Section 7.40 of the Redmond Personnel Manual, Providing for Stand-By Pay for Specific Positions when Approved by the Mayor
1310   11/17/2009   Amending the Merit Matrix for Employees in the Executive Pay Plan in Order to Provide the Mayor with Discretion to Deviate from the Matrix for Financial Reasons
1309   11/02/2009   Amending the Parks and Recreation Department Comprehensive User Fee Schedule
1308   10/06/2009   Adopting a Penalty Schedule for Civil Traffic Infractions Pursuant to RMC 10.12.020


  09/15/2009   Taking a Position of Opposition to Initiative 1033 - Limiting the Growth of State, County, and City "General Fund" Revenues
1306   09/15/2009   Amending the Public Works Department Administrative Policy Fee Schedule; Deleting Traffic Modeling for Concurrency Testing Fee; Adding Hourly Concurrency Analysis/Supplemental Mitigation Review Fee
1305   09/15/2009   Amending the Development Entitlement Review Permit Fee Schedule; Deleting the Fee for Shoreline Exemption Permits
1304   09/15/2009   Re-Establishing a Business Tax/Transportation Improvements Advisory Committee; Approving the Purpose, and Defining the Membership and Term of Appointment of Committee Members
1303   09/01/2009   Relating to Finances; Voiding Certain Outstanding Non-Interest Bearing Checks
1302   08/18/2009   Establishing New Connection Charge Rates and Repealing Resolution No. 1272
1301   08/18/2009   Appointing Scott Thomasson as the City's Representative on the Metropolitan Water Pollution Abatement Advisory Committee  (MWPAAC); Appointing William J. Campbell as First Alternate Representative, and Rebecca Borker as Second Alternate Representative
1300   08/18/2009   Allowing a Divided Referendum Ballot in Accordance with RCW 41.48.030, as Applicable to Medicare Only Coverage for Certain PERS, LEOFF and Municipal Employees' Benefit Trust Employees
1299   07/21/2009   Amending the Planning Department Fee Schedule in Order to Establish a Monthly Parking Permit Fee in Accordance with RMC 10.52.135
1298   07/07/2009   Rejecting All Bids Received by the City on the Redmond Medic One Paramedic Quarters, Project No. 1374, and Directing Staff to Re-Bid the Project
1297   07/07/2009   Authorizing Application for Funding Assistance for the Rehabilitation and Preservation of the Dudley Carter Haida House at Slough Park
1296   07/07/2009   Adopting the Final Overlake Parking Management Plan
1295   06/16/2009   Adopting a Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program for the years 2010-2015, and Directing the Same to be filed with the State Secretary of Transportation and the Transportation Improvement Board 
1294   06/02/2009   Waiving Competitive Bidding Requirements for Development and Purchase of a Financial Management Software Solution, and Authorizing the Mayor or His Designee to Negotiate and Execute Contracts to Perform the Work
1293   04/21/2009   Adopting an Identity Theft Prevention Program Pursuant to The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction act of 2003
1292   04/07/2009   Amending the User Fee Schedule for Police User Fees, Effective May 1, 2009
1291   04/07/2009   Amending the User Fee Schedule for Development User Fees for Planning/Entitlement; Adopting New Permit Fees for Master Planned Developments; Providing that All Such Fees Shall be Subject to a Technology Surcharge and to Periodic Increases
1290   03/17/2009   Adopting an Amendment to the Six-year Transportation Improvement Program for the Years 2009-2014 and Directing the Same to be Filed with the State Secretary of Transportation and the Transportation Improvement Board
1289   03/17/2009   Approving the Vision, Design, Implementation, Phasing, and Construction Mitigation Set Forth in the Downtown East/West Corridor Study Master Plan and Implementation Strategy 
1288   03/17/2009   Ratifying the 2009 Amendments to the King County Countywide Planning Policies
1287   03/03/2009   Declaring an Emergency, Waiving competitive Bidding Requirements for Investigation of a Hazardous Material Release ad Fire Station no. 16 Maintenance Shop, and Authorizing the Mayor of His Designee to Negotiate and Execute Contracts to Perform the Subsurface Investigation Work
1286   03/03/2009   Approving a Development Agreement (File No. L090012) for the King County MetroVan Distribution Center Property, Located at 18655 NE Union Hill Road