City Resolutions 2012
1381   12/04/2012   A Resolution Adopting a Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program for the Years 2013-2018 and Directing the Same to be Filed with the State Secretary of Transportation and the Transportation Improvement Board
1380   11/20/2012   A Resolution Approving Updated Administrative Rules of Procedure for the Design Review Board, Hearing Examiner, Landmark Commission, Planning Commission, and Technical Committee
1379   08/21/2012   A Resolution Replacing the Health Promotion Program and Amending the Self-Insured Employee Health Benefits Plan to Add a Wellness Program with Additional Benefits for Participants
1378   08/21/2012   A Resolution Adopting Standards for Indigent Defense and Directing the Mayor and Staff to Negotiate any Necessary Contract Amendments with the City’s Contracted Public Defender Regarding the Provision of Indigent Defense Services
1377   07/17/2012   A Resolution Establishing a Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee, Approving the Purpose of the Committee, and Defining the Membership and Term of Committee Members
1376   07/17/2012   A Resolution Amending Section 3 of Resolution No. 1344 in order to Authorize the Mayor to Sign Instructional Services Contracts that do not exceed $75,000 in any Calendar Year Where Costs are Recouped by User Fees
1375   06/05/2012   A Resolution Transferring the Responsibilities of the Business Tax/Transportation Improvements Advisory Committee to the Redmond Economic Development Alliance or Its Successor
1374   04/03/2012   A Resolution Authorizing Applications for Funding Assistance for Two Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program (WWRP) Project(s), to the Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO), as Provided in Chapter 791.15 RCW, Acquisition of Habitat and Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Lands, called Grasslawn Soccer Field Improvements and Redmond Central Connector Phase II
1373   02/21/2012   A Resolution Authorizing the Administering Agency for ARCH to Execute All Documents Necessary to Enter into Agreements for the Funding of Affordable Housing Projects, as Recommended by the ARCH Executive Board, Utilizing Funds from the City’s Housing Trust Fund
1372   02/07/2012   A Resolution Amending the User Fee Schedule for Development Services for the Planning and Building Effective on the Date the City Ceases to Use the Permits Plus System in Favor of the Energov System for Permit Processing
1371   02/07/2012   A Resolution Accepting Washington State Department of Ecology Loan Funding Towards the Redmond Way Water Quality Facility, Project No. 20020712, and Authorizing the Mayor to Sign a Loan Agreement