City Resolutions 2013
1396    12/03/2013    A Resolution Adopting a Revised Summary Plan Description for the City of Redmond Self-Insured Medical Plan
1395   12/03/2013   A Resolution Authorizing Mayor John Marchione to Sign the Growing Transit Communities Compact
1394   11/05/2013   A Resolution Supporting Resolution Nos. 2162, 2163, and 2164 of the Lake Washington School District 
1393   10/01/2013   A Resolution Adopting a Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program for the Years 2014-2019 and Directing the Same to be Filed with the State Secretary of Transportation and the Transportation Improvement Board
1392   09/17/2013   A Resolution Amending the Parks and Recreation Department User Fee Schedule Adopted by Resolution No. 1072, and Previously Amended by Resolution Nos. 1140, 1181, 1201, and 1267 
1391   06/04/2013   A Resolution Urging the Washington State Legislature to Enact and Implement a 2013 Transportation Investment Package
1390   06/04/2013   A Resolution Electing Not to Comply with the Requirements of Chapter 8.26 RCW in the Acquisition and Condemnation of the Necessary Property Rights for the Overlake Village South Detention Vault, Capital Project No. 20020806
1389   06/04/2013   A Resolution Amending the Fire Department Fee Schedule, Originally Adopted by Resolution No. 1073, and Amended Through Resolution No. 1281, in order to Provide a Fee for the Installation of a Solar Photovoltaic Power System
1388   06/04/2013   A Resolution Declaring Its Intent that Certain Capital Expenditures to Be Made Shall Be Reimbursed from the Proceeds of Tax Exempt Bonds or Other Obligations
1387AM   05/07/2013   A Resolution Supporting the Climate Action Implementation Plan’s Government Operations Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Energy Consumption Reduction Strategies
1386   03/19/2013   A Resolution Supporting the Countywide 2014-2019 Medic One/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Levy
1385   02/19/2013   A Resolution Ratifying 2012 Amendments to the King County Countywide Planning Policies
1384           02/19/2013   A Resolution Authorizing the Duly-Appointed Administering Agency for a Regional Coalition for Housing (ARCH) to Execute all Documents Necessary to Enter Into Agreements for the Funding of Affordable Housing Projects, as Recommended by the ARCH Executive Board, Utilizing Funds from the City's Housing Trust Fund 
1383   02/05/2013   A Resolution Authorizing the Mayor to Sign an Amended and Restated Eastside Public Safety Communications Agency Interlocal Agreement
1382   01/15/2013   A Resolution Delegating Authority to the Mayor or His Designee to Approve Licenses, Permits, and Agreements for the Use of the Railroad Corridor Commonly Known As the Redmond Spur